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Big advantages

Whether you are visiting us for the first time, or we have known each other for a long time, Kamarooms Business Hotel & Spa is glad to see you! And you will find advantages in this.
Big advantages!

+ Buffet dinner
A buffet dinner is appreciated by many of our guests due to its variety. For their preparation, we use the freshest products from the best farms of Tatarstan every day. And their diversity is controlled and new dishes are created by the Chef himself.

+ Chillout hall
Chillout hall is at your service, where you can play a game of checkers, chess or dominoes in the warm atmosphere of a secluded lobby on the second floor of the hotel.

+ Relax zones
Yamaguchi massage chairs with relaxing videos are freely available on every floor of the hotel 24/7.

+ Foodbox for late check-in
Upon arrival after 00:00, guests are provided with a foodbox (set dinner). The service is paid and available on request.

+ Children's Play Box
Upon arrival with children, guests are provided with a children's play box with various board games, drawing kits and toys. The set is provided upon request.

+ A set for pet lovers
If you can't imagine traveling without pets, then we will be happy to prepare a couch, a bowl, a toy and food for them.

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